Optimal Care Coordinators

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Optimal Care Coordinators

We're here to help you after surgery or hospital discharge. Optimal Care Coordinators take care of scheduling follow-up care prescribed by your doctor.  Contact us before your surgery and we'll coordinate with your doctor's office to ensure you're receiving the prescribed care.  Our world wide network of top nurses, physical therapists, dietitians, and medical specialists are available to you.  

OCC offers a subscription for long-term care.  Subscribers have access to our specialists on an ongoing basis.



  • Send a nurse directly to your home 
  • Follow up every morning with Nurse Care Manager 
  • Provide Medication Management 
  • Schedule Physical or Occupational Therapy 
  • Schedule follow up with physician or specialist 
  • Access to a Nurse Care Manager 24/7

7 day management

Yearly Subscription


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